Karluk Siberian Huskies



About Siberian Huskies

The Siberian Husky is one of the recognised sled dog breeds. The others are the Alaskan Malamute, the Eskimo dog, and the Samoyed.
The Siberian Husky was the winter sled dog of the Chukchi people of Siberia. They were expected to travel fairly quickly for long distances pulling a moderate load in low temperatures, while not eating their masters out of house and home. They were welcome in the dwellings as playmates for the children and as hot water bottles at night. During the summer they ran loose, hunting and fending for themselves. This lifestyle, which continued unchanged for centuries, produced a breed of dog which retained the pack living and hunting attributes of the wolf, while being unaggressive and affectionate towards people.

The Siberian is little changed today and is still capable of fulfilling his original function and could if necessary survive in his historic self-sufficient lifestyle.

This is no problem to owners willing to adapt to and tolerate his natural instincts, but would be a liability to those who really want a more 'civilised' dog.

Siberian huskies are an amazing breed of dog & truly stunning in appearance,they are however not one of the easiest breeds to look after & train. They need lots of exercise which must be done on the lead or in harness,they crave company & can become destructive when left alone, they love to howl, they shed their coat twice a year & i am talking a serious amount of shedding! They need lots of mental stimulation they get bored very easily. They are keen & efficient hunters of any animal non canine .

If you are thinking of buying or giving a home to a siberian husky,please take time to learn about this special breed,they do have lots of good points but im afraid they have some  bad points too.Talk to other husky owners & breeders, visit more than one kennel before making a decision.

           At the end of the day the welfare of the dog is paramount