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 Siberian Husky Welfare

 Every year far too many Siberian huskies find themselves in welfare or rescue centres most of the time through no fault of their own, the sad fact is that many people buy a Siberian husky without really knowing or learning about the breed, they see films that feature Siberian huskies and promptly go out & buy the first puppy they see. The Siberian husky is not a breed that will happily lay quiet all day while his owner goes out to work.. far from it! Huskies have an endless supply of energy .. they need to run, they need to burn up their energy, always remembering that the exercise has to be done either on the lead, or in a totally secure area. They need mental stimulation, they are far more intelligent than anyone could imagine. They need to be a huge part of your life, they crave company! If you cannot provide any of these needs the husky will do everything he can to fill his needs himself, usually resulting in a home that has been partly "eaten" & destroyed.. and  furious neighbour that has had to listen to a heartbroken husky howling with frustration all day..

The Siberian Husky is not a breed to be taken on board lightly. Huskies have so many good points but i am afraid they also have some "not so good points" . However if you feel you could share your life with one of the most remarkable breeds of dog on the planet  why not consider giving a home to a rescue husky, there are many Siberian husky owners that are more than willing to give up some of their spare time to talk to prospective owners, helping out whenever they can, to try & find suitable homes for rescue huskies,.

Siberian husky welfare has a dedicated team of people that are always busy home checking, fostering, assessing new welfare dogs, working hard to make sure these wonderful dogs get the forever home that they so deserve.  Remember.......









The welfare dogs on this page have been re-homed through either  the Siberian Husky Welfare Association (U.K.) or the Siberian Husky club of Great Britain Welfare Schemes & are now very happy in their forever homes.